Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Big Blue International Truck

This work is dedicated to the Public Domain
This truck was made by International. They have made trucks like this for a long long time. This one is called a Cab Over. It hauls lots of stuff. It also looks like it hit lots of stuff too.

The building behind it is wrapped in plastic. It looks like a giant Christmas present when you stand in front of it. I think they are turning the building into condos or coffee shops or a gym.

If you want to use this picture for something it is okay. I put it in the Public Domain and that means anybody can use it for stuff. It is fun to share. Click on the picture and you will see it a lot bigger.

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  1. Very nice photo! However, because the entry door to the cab is located forward of the main axel, this model is referred to as a "Cab FORWARD" to permit more cargo space behind it!